Laundry Detergents

Senzora is the manufacturer when it comes to washing powders. We manufacture a complete package for the fabric cleaning sector. In line with market demand, we manufacture laundry detergents in a variety of recipes and qualities, all of which have been developed after careful research in our laboratory.

And Senzora also continues to closely monitor all developments occurring in the market. One recent development is the unique dosing system that ensures users apply the exact dosage per use. This, in combination with an ultra-concentrated recipe, offers an environmentally and cost-efficient solution.

We are affiliated to a number of leading trade and industry organisations, such as the Dutch Association of Soap manufacturers (Nederlandse Vereniging van Zeepfabrikanten (NVZ)), the UKBPCSI and AISE, the European Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products. The latter introduced the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning. This certification ensures we focus on a more sustainable production, which contributes to a better environment and the health and safety of consumers. Because we are affiliated to the various branch organisations and maintain good contact with our colleagues, we are continuously kept up to date on the latest legislation and regulations, such as the PREP P3 and Eco Flower, which we then apply in our business activities.