Senzora was the first successful Dutch manufacturer of soda in 1936! And today, soda is still an indispensable cleaning product in every household.

Soda is an affordable product that has a multiple of uses. Contrary to many other cleaning agents, soda is a completely environmentally-friendly product due to the fact that it contains no phosphates or bleach. Furthermore, an added benefit of soda is that it has no extreme odour and contains no colouring agents.

Soda has a multiple of uses, such as: unblocking, cleaning and degreasing of kitchen surfaces, prevention of beer scale, cleaning of burnt pans, removal of unpleasant odours in the freezer. Its uses are not just limited to inside the house either. For instance, soda is also effective for getting rid of ants, removing green deposits from pathways and garden furniture and for cleaning the barbecue.

Senzora has a range of soda products. Soda Crystals (course grain) and silver soda (fine grain) in solid form and soda cleaner as a liquid variant. We offer a variety of packaging possibilities.