Dishwasher Detergents

Senzora manufactures both powders as well as tablets in the dishwasher detergent segment. The products are composed of a combination of high-grade materials that ensure the removal of the most persistent stains. Guaranteeing our customers radiantly clean dishes.

Dishwasher powders  
We have various dishwasher recipes for each target group. The dishwasher powders are particularly used in the professional sector. We can supply every conceivable manner of packaging. Consider here refill bags, buckets or cartons.

Dishwasher tablets    
In addition to the dishwasher powders, we also have dishwasher tablets in various recipes, from the traditional tablets to the top of the range all-in-one variant. All variants are packed in foil, which benefits the shelf-life of the tablets. Water soluble foil is also an option here.