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Senzora’s mission is to be an important total supplier of private label detergents (fabric and dishwasher detergent)┬áto the retail and I&I market in Europe. Our aim is to realise a profitable growth in the above markets from an independent position.

Senzora is striving to be a high-quality private label manufacturer and/or supplier. Preferably from the position of a preferred supplier. Our strengths are our employees, reliability in logistics, product development, innovation and our creativity for finding solutions starting from the right price/value ratio.

Key values
Working with feeling and commitment to deliver an honest, innovative product where the wishes of the customer come first. Acting professionally, respectfully and with integrity are central to this.

Our employees
Senzora is customer-oriented, flexible and efficient with a horizontal organisation, which stimulates delegation to a large degree as possible. Within Senzora, we work on the basis of respect, appreciation for and trust in each other. We communicate in an open, direct, honest and business-like manner and use the possibilities and means of the company in a creative and innovative way. We promote training and personal development of our employees.

In our complete business, we strive towards sustainable entrepreneurship, where quality, human rights, the environment, animal welfare, health and sustainable relations are at the heart of our operations.

Constant quality
Based on the expertise, experience and social insight of our employees, we work on sustainable relations where we guarantee constant quality and deliver what has been agreed.

We are a partner in the realising of private labels within the detergents (fabric and dishwasher detergent) sector. Internationally-oriented on products and markets is absolutely vital, where short lines of communication, efficiency and flexibility in production and logistics are important spearheads. As we operate cost-efficiently, we can apply competitive prices in our drive towards cost leadership.