The pow(d)er to perform

The pow(d)er to perform

Laundry detergent pouches are one of the most popular fabric cleaning products on the market as they are convenient to use making washing clothes quicker and easier than ever before. Measuring the correct dose has become redundant as the pouch contains the correct amount of washing detergent.

Is there a possibility to make this even better?

Yes there is!
Senzora proudly presents Tricel pow(d)er dose, a compact powder pouch combining the best aspects of washing powder with the convenience of dosing!

It is well known there is no better way to clean your clothes than by using a laundry powder as it works so much better than alternative products on the market. This is also shown in several independent tests. Senzora is an established manufacturer of washing powders and has developed a unique pow(d)er dose concept offering you the cleaning power of powder and the dosing convenience of a pouch. The powerful powder formula gives great stain removal and deep cleaning for perfectly clean laundry with a long lasting fresh effect. The super concentrated formula, means only one pouch for a normal wash is needed to achieve outstanding results!

We offer a complete range of products, consisting of several recipes and variations in size of packaging. Curious about the possibilities? We will gladly inform you.