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Sense & Sensibility

Working with feeling and commitment to deliver an honest, innovative product where the wishes of the customer come first. This is a key value of the family business Senzora.

We manufacture a complete package of laundry detergents and cleaning products for the private label market and Senzora is an important international player with clients throughout Western Europe. Furthermore, we deliver these products under a number of own brands. We are constantly scanning the market for innovations and know exactly when to act on these. Product development, production, packaging and labelling of the products are all carried out at our plant in Deventer. Quality, know-how and CSR are vital cogs in our operations, with which you are assured of the very latest products and techniques, and we strive towards sustainable relations in all our business activities.

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Our Quality

Quality is an integral component and a crucially vital factor within our business operations. Quality is first in our thoughts in everything we do. Our skilled employees ensure we achieve that quality. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we are capable of delivering products of the highest level. The products are tested in our very own laboratory and by independent bodies. Furthermore, both factories are certified on the highest level.

In 2001, Senzora’s quality, soundness and continuity of business operations achieved recognition when it was crowned Purveyor.

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