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Sense & sensibility

Working with passion and commitment to deliver an honest, innovative product where the demands of the customer come first. That is what Senzora stands for as a family business.

Senzora produces a range of washing and cleaning products for the private label market and is an important international player, with customers in several European countries. It also serves the cash & carry wholesale and industrial market. Senzora is active with the brands Klok, Tricel and Clean Wash and is a company that is constantly on the move. Senzora invests in the future by increasingly focusing on the production of ecological and skin-friendly and sustainable detergents.

Novelties within the market are closely monitored and Senzora knows how to respond to this at the right time. In Deventer, we produce, package and label the products ourselves. There is also a Research & Development department where, among other things, product development takes place. Quality, expertise and CSR are important starting points for us. In this way you are assured of the latest products and techniques, whereby we strive for sustainable relationships in our total act.



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