Senzora is the manufacturer of washing powders. We produce a complete package for textile cleaning. In accordance with market demand, we manufacture detergents in various recipes and qualities, each of which is created after careful research in our laboratory.

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Dishwashing detergents

In the field of dishwashing detergents, Senzora produces both dishwashing powders and dishwashing capsules. The products are composed of a combination of sophisticated raw materials that ensure the removal of the most stubborn dirt.

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Oxy powder

For optimal stain removal, an oxy powder is regularly added to the standard washing powder. Even at low temperatures, this miracle powder removes the toughest stains, such as chocolate, red wine and coffee.

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Soda is a price-friendly product that offers a multitude of uses. Soda is a natural cleaning agent with a particularly effective cleaning power. The products have been used by millions of households for generations because of their high performance, versatile application possibilities and safety in use.

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Soft soap

Soft soap is also known as green soap, gold soap or brown soap. Soft soap is composed of natural ingredients and contains no phosphonates, which makes the product friendly for the environment.

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We offer new possibilities for laundry and dishwasher detergents in the form of a three-compartment capsule. A compact capsule, packed in a 100% biodegradable foil. For dishwashing detergents, these capsules consist of two liquid compartments and one powder compartment. For detergents, there are options for a full liquid capsule or a combination of powder and liquid.

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