Manufacturer of laundry and dishwasher capsules

The market for single dose cleaning products is changing fast. Developments follow each other quickly and Senzora is not lagging behind. We offer new possibilities for laundry and dishwasher detergents in the form of a three-compartment capsule. A compact capsule, packed in a 100% biodegradable foil. For dishwashing detergents, these capsules consist of two liquid compartments and one powder compartment. For detergents, there are options for a full liquid capsule or a combination of powder and liquid.

Dishwasher capsules 

The dishwasher capsules consist of a highly concentrated formulation. The high degreasing power of the powder in combination with the liquids gives excellent results. The capsules dissolve quickly, remove all types of food residues, protect the glass and help keep the dishes sparkling. The powerful formulations clean the dishes in 1x, the dishwasher can be set to a lower temperature and less water is used. This results in a more sustainable way of doing the dishes with less impact on the environment. 

Laundry capsules

The laundry capsules guarantee a radiantly clean and hygienic washing result. Each compartment contains a powerful formula for effective stain removal, long-lasting freshness, bright colour retention and fibre protection. In the case of a capsule with powder and liquid, the best of both worlds are combined for a perfect result in an easy way. 


Formulations for a variety of laundry and dishwashing capsules 

Different types of formulations are available. We offer recipes for laundry and dishwasher detergents at premium brand level and ecological variants with EU Ecolabel. The strict criteria guarantee the quality of the product and a lower impact on the environment. Moreover, we are able to produce recipes without perfume and/or colorants. 

Packaging for the single dose products

We offer a wide range of packaging options: boxes, Doypacks and buckets. We have a strong focus on sustainability. The boxes are made from 100% recyclable FSC cardboard. For the Doypacks there is a choice of recyclable mono material bags and attractive paper bags. We focus on the professional market with the options in buckets. 

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