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Manufacturer of soft soap

Soft soap is also known as green soap, gold soap or brown soap. Soft soap is composed of natural ingredients and contains no phosphonates, which makes the product friendly for the environment.

Since 1908, Senzora has produced soft soap in solid form (the well-known tubs) and liquid form. The products have a distinctive and familiar scent and are used in many households. Logical, because it is a trusted, sustainable and safe way of cleaning. The cleaning power and caring effect makes the soap ideally suited to clean tiles, slate and concrete floors and tiles and to restore their natural shine. Furthermore, due to its particularly good degreasing effect, the product has the ability to remove stubborn (grease) stains from fabrics. Soft soap can also be used to clean dirty hands.

Different types of packaging


Soft soaps is available in different types of packaging:

Tricel zachte zeep assortiment

  • Gold soap tub 750 grams;
  • Gold soaps bucket 5 kg;
  • Liquid green soap 1l;
  • Liquid green soap 5l;
  • Liquid green soap 5l, without perfume.


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