On our way to… 100% natural detergents

To act and think sustainable is an inextricable part of our DNA. The theme makes it clear that sustainability is a continuous improvement process. We go beyond the standard requirements. We realize that what we do now, has consequences for later. The bar is set high. We consciously opt for sustainability without losing sight of the product's performance. This makes it challenging, but essential. Our final destination: 100% natural detergents.

Sustainability has been an important part of Senzora for years. For example, Senzora was the first manufacturer to use a phosphate-free detergent in 1969.
Developments have continued and we have set ourselves the goal of replacing ingredients of petrochemical origin as much as possible with raw materials of natural origin.

Pure cleaning pow(d)er

Our latest development consists of a range of detergents with >95% natural ingredients. The formulations contain 100% bio-based surfactants. Surfactants are a key ingredient for creating the foam and cleaning action of many household cleaning and laundry products. The anionic surfactants are based on sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and the non-ionics made of 100% bio-based fatty alcohol ethoxylates. Together with the addition of soap it results in a fully biodegradable basis. In addition natural raw materials such as sulphate, salt, sodium percarbonate and zeolite are used. The complete range is Ecocert and Vegan Society certified.

It is not as much of a challenge to get to 100% natural detergents if you accept concessions in the performance of the product. It becomes challenging if you want to make the product natural, without compromising on performance when compared to a synthetic product. That is where the challenge lies for us and the direction in which we are developing, towards the ultimate goal of 100% natural detergents.

No water, no plastic

Within the range of natural detergents indicated above, the use of plastics in packaging is reduced to an absolute minimum. Most packaging consists of cardboard made from at least 85% but usually well above 90% of recycled materials. These materials are 100% recyclable and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. (Bio-based) plastics are only used for the refill bottle (100% recycled and recyclable) and for products where a barrier is an absolute must for protection of its content.
Furthermore, the entire range consists of powder products without the addition of water. Powders are the perfect basis as an alternative for liquid detergents and cleaning agents. The users add water themselves, so no unnecessary transport of water takes place. With this we take an important step in saving water and reducing plastic waste to achieve a sustainable and lasting change.

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No water, no plastic

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