The founder of the later Senzora, Antonie Johannes Schoemaker, embarks on the adventure on 1 May 1876 and takes over the grocery store from widow J. A. Spijker on the corner of Stromarkt-Papenstraat in Deventer.

Antonie Johannes Schoemaker


Even in the early days, Schoemaker turned out not to be a standard grocer. The switch from wholesaler to soap manufacturer and coffee roasting company is therefore no great surprise to his environment. He settles in a small factory at the Bruynsteeg (formerly Diefsteeg), also in Deventer.


The company is growing and the possibilities for expanding the building on the Bruynsteeg soon prove to be too limited. The two sons of Schoemaker have their eyes on a site at the Raamstraat 4. The new factory is soon a fact.

Luchtfoto Senzora raambuurt


A.J. Schoemaker en Zonen changes its name to Senzora (Schoemaker and sons Raamstraat). The name originated from a competition between the Schoemaker brothers and sisters.


Even in the first construction drawings of the factory at the Raamstraat, space has been reserved for peppermint production. In the annual report of the Chamber of Commerce, Senzora is now officially listed as a soap powder and peppermint factory.

Sodaproductie 1936


The Schoemakers think it is time to expand the production range again. Senzora is the first in the Netherlands to start producing crystal soda.


Senzora is the first in the Netherlands to conduct in-house research into phosphate-free detergents. And with success! At the end of 1971, the TNO published positive reports on the composition and washing power of the detergent Tricel developed by Senzora, which is biodegradable and completely phosphate-free.

Tricel wasmiddelen


The policy in the eighties and nineties is characterized by countless necessary innovations, and Senzora grows into a dynamic, flexible, but also internationally oriented company. As a logical consequence of these developments, the new washing powder factory at the Noorwegenstraat is put into operation in 1996.


In 2001 Senzora obtains the predicate: "By Appointment to the Court of the Netherlands". This means that we distinguish ourselves through quality, solidity and continuity within our business operations

Predicaat Koninklijke beschikking hofleverancier
AISE company charter


Since 2009, Senzora has been certified according to the AISE Charter for Sustainable cleaning, a European sustainability standard for the detergent industry.


Senzora has been BRC CP certified since 2010. Senzora periodically goes through repeat / renewal audits to maintain the certification.

Klok 2014


In January 2014, Senzora acquired the detergent and cleaning products brand Klok from Dalli in Heerde.


The factory at the Noorwegenstraat has been expanded with a production line that can produce washing powder capsules.

productie vaatwspods klein


Senzora is switching to sustainable energy by using solar panels. The solar panel installation on the Senzora building at the Noorwegenstraat was officially put into use on Monday 6 June.


In June the production of Confectionery was transferred to Fortuin Dockum BV.

Raamstraat productie Suikerwerk
Soda product


The production location at the Noorwegenstraat has been expanded. A new soda factory has been built in which both fine soda and coarse grain soda are produced. The soda factory at Bergsingel in Deventer has been closed.


Senzora has been IFS HPC certified since 2018. Senzora periodically goes through repeat / renewal audits to maintain the certification.

IFS certificering
Kantoor Munsterstraat


In December the offices moved to the Munsterstaat in Deventer. The offices on Sluisstraat and Bergsingel are closed.


A new and ultra-modern laboratory has been built at the Noorwegenstraat. With this new laboratory, Senzora is able to carry out dishwasher and washing powder tests itself.



In 2020 Senzora has obtained its ISO 14001 certification. With the help of an environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 standard, the environmental risks of business operations can be controlled and, if possible, reduced.


Implementation of the A.I.SE. Charter 2020+ realized.

AISE productcharter

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