Manufacturer of dishwashing detergents

In the field of dishwashing detergents, Senzora produces both dishwashing powders and dishwashing capsules. The products are composed of a combination of sophisticated raw materials that ensure the removal of the most stubborn dirt.

Dishwashing should of course provide clean dishes, but it should also be easy. Our dishwashing capsules are the perfect solution for this. Compared to a traditional tablet, they dissolve faster, there is no longer a risk of broken tablets and fewer raw materials are required. We are proud that we have been able to certify this product with an EU Ecolabel, which shows that the product also meets strict environmental requirements.

Dishwashing detergents

Depending on the target group, we produce dishwashing powders in different recipes. The dishwashing powders are mainly used in the professional market. Depending on the demand, all conceivable packaging methods are possible. Think of refill bags, buckets or boxes.

Dishwasher cleaners

In addition to the importance of radiantly clean dishes, the dishwasher also needs monthly maintenance. Hidden dirt and grease accumulates in the machine.

This makes the dishwasher less efficient and leads to a less hygienic environment. That is why we have developed products specifically aimed at the maintenance of the dishwasher. The machine cleaner effectively removes grease and dirt residues from the inside of the machine, on the spray arms and in the filter for optimal hygiene.

Tricel Machine-reiniger-capsules


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