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Working with sense and commitment to deliver an honest, innovative product in which the wishes of the customer come first. That is what Senzora stands for as a family business.

Senzora produces a complete range of detergents and cleaning products for the private label market and is an important international player, serving customers worldwide. It also serves the cash & carry wholesale and industrial market. Senzora actively markets the brands Klok, Tricel and Clean Wash. Senzora is a company that is constantly on the move. It invests in the future by focusing on the production of ecological and skin-friendly detergents. 

Market novelties are closely monitored and Senzora knows how to respond to these at the right time. We produce, pack and label the products ourselves in Deventer. Senzora has it’s own in-house Research & Development department. Quality, know-how and Corporate Social Responsibility are key factors for us. In this way you are assured of the latest in products and techniques, in which we strive for sustainable relationships in all our actions. 

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It is our intention to continuously improve our products, whilst creating an ideal balance between quality, costs and sustainability. Together with our partners, we look for the ideal proposition in which we help them to be successful by sharing our market knowledge. Based on our transparent cooperation, our partners are assured of a good product at a fair price, in which sustainability plays an increasingly important role. Our core values sustainable, enterprising and responsible are the guiding principles in all our actions.




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The focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable products

More about sustainability


Sustainability is not just an advertising word! It is a dire necessity for a modern producer to contribute to a better world in which our children's children and future generations to come can also lead a good life.

Washing and cleaning agents will always be necessary, as anyone will agree with. Also that our hygiene needs are growing worldwide. Nevertheless, the industry will have to make every effort to ensure that the cleaning products evolve in such a way that the environmental impact is negligible. Senzora wants to play an internationally leading role in the environmental transition as a producer of sustainable detergents (washing and cleaning agents). Our development and production of sustainable washing and cleaning agents has proven itself over the years, but we are still far from finished. We take our responsibility and you can hold us accountable for that. 

Predicaat Koninklijke beschikking hofleverancier

By Appointment to the Court of the Netherlands

In 2001 Senzora was awarded the title of purveyor to the court, which means that we distinguish ourselves through quality, solidity and continuity within our business operations.


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