Manufacturer of detergents for private label, contract manufacturing and own brands.

Senzora is the manufacturer of washing powders. We produce a complete package for textile cleaning. In accordance with market demand, we manufacture detergents in various recipes and qualities, each of which is created after careful research in our laboratory.

We monitor developments closely. We have a strong focus on making products more sustainable and in recent years we have made significant progress in the field of washing and dishwashing capsules (pods).

We are affiliated with a number of leading trade and industry organizations, such as the Dutch Association of Soap Manufacturers (NVZ), Industrieverband Körperpflege- und Waschmittel (IKW), UKBPCSI and the AISE, the European association for soaps, detergents and maintenance products. The latter organization has introduced the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning. Through certification, we focus on more sustainable production and products, which contributes to a better environment, health and safety of consumers. In addition, the latest developments concerning REACH, CLP and various Laundry Sustainability Project (LSPs) and Product Resource Efficiency Projects (PREPs) of the AISE, have our full attention.

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The focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable products

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Klok is the ecological brand when it comes to washing and cleaning products. The brand has been guaranteeing trusted Dutch quality with respect for the environment for over 100 years.

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Tricel has been our own brand for the consumer market since 1969 and has been further developed and expanded over the years.

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Clean wash

Clean Wash does what its name suggests and can be considered our price fighter.

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