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In 1936 Senzora was the first Dutch producer of soda and with success! Today, soda is still an indispensable cleaning agent in every household.

Soda is a price-friendly product that offers a multitude of uses. Soda is a natural cleaning agent with a particularly effective cleaning power. The products have been used by millions of households for generations because of their high performance, versatile application possibilities and safety in use. They can no longer be ignored when it comes to cleaning. The products are an environmentally friendly alternative to many cleaning agents on the market. The whole house can be cleaned with just a few products.

Many applications

Soda has many applications such as: unblocking, degreasing, preventing precipitation of beer, boiling out caked pans, removing unpleasant odors from the freezer. The applications are not limited to indoors. Soda is also effective, for example, for ant repelling, removing green deposits from the street and garden furniture and for cleaning the barbecue.

Different types of soda


Senzora offers different types of soda. Crystal and silver soda in solid form and soda cleaner as a liquid variant. Many variants are possible in terms of packaging.


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