1876 The founder of what would later be Senzora, Antonie Johannes Schoemaker, decided to take the plunge and opened a grocery shop on the corner of the Papenstraat in Deventer, the Netherlands.
1908 Right from the off you could tell that Schoemaker was not your run of the mill grocer. The switch from grocer to soap manufacturer and coffee roasting was therefore not that much of a surprise to his peers. He established a small factory in the Bruynsteeg (formerly the Diefsteeg), also in Deventer.
1916 His company quickly outgrows the extension possibilities of its premises in the Bruynsteeg. The location Raamstraat 4 catches the eyes of Schoemaker’s two sons. And with no fuss at all the new factory is a fact.
1917 A.J. Schoemaker en Zonen changes its name to Senzora (Schoemaker en zonen Raamstraat, S for ‘his family’ name enzo for ‘and sons’ and Ra for the ‘street name Raamstraat 4’). The name is the result of a contest between the Schoemaker brothers and sisters.
1917 From the off in the initial drawings of the factory on the Raamstraat, space is reserved for the peppermint division. Senzora is now officially registered in the annual report of the Chamber of Commerce as a soap powder and peppermint factory.
1936 The Schoemaker family once again feel it is time to expand the product range of their business. They become the first company in the Netherlands to start manufacturing soda Crystals.
1969 Again Senzora is leading the pack as it is the first in the Netherlands to conduct in-house research into phosphate-free detergents. And successfully too! The end of 1971 sees the TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) publish its reports on the composition and cleansing power of Senzora’s newly developed washing powder, Tricel, which is bio-degradable and entirely phosphate-free.
1996 The policy of the 1980s and 1990s is characterised by countless innovations and Senzora evolves into a dynamic, flexible but also internationally-oriented business. The logical step resulting from these developments sees Senzora open the new laundry detergent factory in 1996 in the Noorwegenstraat in Deventer.
2001 Senzora, under the management of the fourth generation of the Schoemaker family, celebrates its 125 jubilee anniversary. And as reward for all its hard work, Senzora is awarded on that day the distinction of Purveyor.
2017 In June is the production of Confectionery transferred to Foruin in Dokkum.